Infuse IV specializes in IV Vitamin Therapy,
Hydration, Anti-Aging, Cosmetic Enhancements
and Concierge Treatments.

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All of our blends have an option to
include an Infuse IV Booster added to
your IV bag infusion

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Cryo Therapy and Sport Compression
Recovery for every athlete at every level
in every sport.

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Infuse provides medical aesthetics onsite. All About ME offers a wide range of facial and body aesthetic procedures to help refine and refresh your natural appearance.

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Infuse IV Nutrition and Sport Recovery

A new spa in Phoenix that offers IV therapy to hydrate muscles, replenish electrolytes and help energize the body. We get a tour of the place and learn what goes into the many different kinds of intravenous nutrition therapies from anti-aging to customized treatments


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