Infuse IV Nutrition and Sport Recovery offers a unique therapy with a multitude of health benefits
June 20, 2016
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New IV Therapy in Phoenix offers party prep and recovery/ IV Therapy cocktails

Infuse IV Nutrition and Sport Recovery is a new spa in Phoenix that offers IV therapy to hydrate muscles, replenish electrolytes and help energize the body. We get a tour of their party room and talk about the benefits of their party prep infusion. We also get a tour of the place and learn what goes into the many different kinds of intravenous nutrition therapies from anti-aging to customized treatments

Party Prep Infusion:
Getting excited for a big night or weekend out? Want to minimize or eliminate the effects of overindulging? Then prepare yourself with the Party Prep from infuse. This infusion will energize and hydrate you for days so you can make it thru the night or keep up with those people who never seem to get tired. All this by getting 1 to 2 bags of hydration and vitamins to minimize the effects of alcohol. In addition, give your liver a detoxifying boost to process the bar food and drinks. The morning after will feel much better with the Party Prep.

What is Intravenous Nutrition:
Intravenous nutrition offers better bioavailability of nutrients to the body’s metabolic needs since the delivery is not dependent on the gastro-intestinal system or intestinal wall membrane. The goal of intravenous nutrition therapy goes well beyond that of providing general nutritional needs for a healthy body.

The degree of disease response and improvement reported by patients is well documented in clinical studies. Intravenous nutrition also allows the body to reach optimal therapeutic levels and maintains a better control and monitoring of the conditions being treated. Greater health, vitality and well-being can be achieved for healthy patients for an improved quality of life. Athletes too benefit from the hydration and optimal vitamin absorption during the intensity of their training event or season.

The nutrients used are vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, anti-microbials and amino acids. The nutrients are administered intravenously in the office by a physician or a nurse under a doctor’s supervision. Therapy can take 30 to 90 minutes depending on how much time and nutrients are needed to complete the treatment. The patient typically reclines in a comfortable lounge chair, may eat and drink, listen to a portable music player, watch a TV, read, talk to others or sleep. The treatment generally involves very minimal discomfort and the patient is free to resume all normal activities immediately afterwards.

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